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Guild of Greeters(Gilde van Begroeters)

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New Greeters Meeting

The New Greeters are ready to have their first public meeting!

After a lot of discussions on the MOUL Forums, the new group has had many developments and is now having its first meeting.  They will be voting on administrators, hiring liasons, and other things that will impact the future of the Guild.

Anyone can attend...in fact, it's encouraged! Explorers will be able to meet the current members of the Guild, as well as be able to sign up to be a New Greeter themselves if they so choose.

D'ni locatie: 
Guild of Greeters' Hood
Datum van de gebeurtenis: 
december 20, 2011 - 12:00 - 14:00
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December All Guilds Meeting

Shorah, fellow explorers and GoMe faithful!

As you know, we recently had the last AGM of 2011 last Saturday, with quite a big announcement pertaining to one of the big five Guilds...and a big enough crowd to move the meeting from Kirel to a hood!

The chat log of the meeting can be found here: cleansed and raw

For those that could not attend, here's what you missed:

New Greeters

Trekluver has taken it upon himself to bring a fresh face and take to the esteemed, yet dormant Guild of Greeters, dubbing this new iteration "New Greeters" for the time being.  Details are still being hammered out and a site is being put together, but he made it clear that new applicants will start being taken and considered as they come in.  No serious offer of help would be turned down without a valid reason.  Veteran Greeters are also welcome to join in if they would like.

View the announcement thread and ongoing discussion at the MOUL forums here: http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=25297

Annabelle's Marker Quests

Annabelle was next to present the lastest with her Marker Quests.  Her third release is 18 quests in Er'cana dubbed "The Grandiose Journey", with one being so large, it was broken into 4 parts.  The next week would see the release of "Into Darkness", a series of 16 quests in Gahreesen.  More quests are planned to be released soon after in January and February and so on.

Age Building Lees meer

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Leonardo, AgeExplorer and Doobes
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New Greeters Annoucement! The GoG is back baby!

As you might have heard by now, this January the Guild of Greeters are back! Lees meer

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Rex Havoc Resigns as GoG GuildMaster

Guild of Greeter's Guild Master and co-ordinator of memberships Rex Havoc has resigned from his post.

Grandmaster Indy made this announcement on the GoG forums:

"We are sorry to announce that Rex has decided to resign his position as Membership coordinator and Guild Master. We are sorry to see him go and we would like to thank him for his dedication and all the time he has spent for the GoG."

"We wish him well in all his future endeavors."

The Guild suspended membership applications shortly after the announcement that MOUL would be closed.

Thanks to Lial for her help in providing this report.


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New Guild of Greeters Leadership

Indy has been appointed to succeed Tijara as Grand Master of the Guild of Greeters. Tijara is stepping down to pursue RL. Congratulations to Indy!

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